Kristopher Carpenter

Kristopher Carpenter

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First Name * Kristopher
Last Name * Carpenter
Username * Zar
Country * USA
Nationality American
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools Quark ExpressGIMPIllustratorPhotoshopPainter


Availability: Freelance


My work is largely about creating from imagination. I aim for creating characters and landscapes, which come from concepts and narratives that I write. What drives me the most is making unusual character designs that are derived from everyday things. My original intention with my work is to use the ideas I have for storylines and let them be the backbone of my work, however sometimes it seems that my process works the other way as well. I can develop a concept that I had pictured differently in my head but the painting itself is far more interesting. It helps me to get to work out problems I may have in the structure of a story by having a visual representation of my ideas.
The content of my work is usually figurative art and the world of which these characters live. I sometimes find myself making many variations of a character from costumes ethnicity until I get the ideal representation; sometimes in making these studies the painting is less important then creating the correct concept of the character. Landscapes for me, however, come more spontaneous. Instead of having to work out a lot of formal issues, like I have to do with the figure, I can just focus on the ideas that I have in my head, which seems to make my landscapes at the moment a lot more fresh and narrative driven then my work with the figure. I feel that right now I seem to be accomplishing more, concept wise in my landscapes, because I do not have to worry about technical issues of anatomy I have more freedom to create a make work that has the unique feel that I am trying to portray.


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